Mission Statement

Magnolia Student Government Club.

Magnolia Student Government Club is a student centered organization, which continually develops and nurture individual by providing opportunities and experiences enabling them to demonstrate to promote the ideals of character, services and leadership in our community.

The purpose of MSGC will be

·         Develop and promote student responsibility in the school and community

·         Develop and promote student activity in the school organization

·         Develop cooperation among members of the student body 

Club will provides service hours and keep record of where and how many hours did students worked. 

Officers for 2018-2019 


Zeinab Hamdan

Vice President

  Jana Abdrabbo


Noor Hegazy

Sports Officer

Muhammad Riyan Siddiqui
Mina Ibrahim
Officer in General   
Mariam Abdou
Dania Zein

Sujood Hamdan

Activities Conducted by Student Government Club

Made Fruit Baskets – Oct 22nd

Hijab Day and Dress up day for Students – Oct 29th

Candy Bouquet for School Committee Members – Nov 5th

Blood Drive sign up – Nov 12th

Winter Coat Drive – Dec 3rd.

Make a wish Foundation wish list.

Can Food Drive –

Food Drive – Dec 10th

Student Teacher Day

Teacher’s breakfast

Students Lunch

Ramadan Decoration