Junior And Senior Boys Field Trip.

The MMA Islamic School is excited to announce that this year we will be offering a Field trip for Junior and Senior Boys to New Orleans on Sunday December 04. This is a great opportunity for your child to bond with friends and create memories for a lifetime. Please fill the form and submit it

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Quran Competition

Quran Competition Details : In February your child will be taken from the class to the judges for evaluation-you will be notified of the day your child will be evaluated, & after all the students have been evaluated three top students will be selected, from each level for final competition, that will be held in presence of whole assembly,

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Yearbook Club

Yearbook Club Congratulations to following students who made it to Yearbook Club. This Club will be chaired by Sister Munza H. Jana Abdrabbo, Laila Dilawer, Laila Tuwahni, Maha Abu Salah, Kandi Jarrar, Sumer Tuwahni, Umamah Amer, Beyan Hamdan, Manal Khawaja and Rowan Idris.

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